Kyle’s Bee Removal LLC specializes in LIVE BEE REMOVAL and BEE RELOCATION. Our goal is to save as many bees as possible. We also provide a full range of services to solve any bee or wasp problem our customers may have. In some circumstances, live bee removal is very difficult while still protecting people, pets, and livestock. Our live bee removal experts will inspect your bee problem and make one or more recommendations with corresponding prices so that you can make an informed decision. We understand the importance of honeybees in our environment; therefore, live bee removal is generally our first recommendation to solve your bee problems.

We Offer the Following Services

Live Bee Removal Phoenix AZ

Live Bee Removal & Bee Relocation

When possible, we will save the bees and move them to our bee yard or release them to a safe desert location.
Honeycomb Removal Phoenix AZ

Honeycomb Removal & Cleanup

After the removal of bees, we always recommend the removal of honeycomb, honey, and bee debris when it is practical.
Bee Removal Repair Services Phoenix AZ

Construction Repair after Honeycomb Removal

We can repair and restore a wall, roof, or any other location that has been cut open to remove honeycomb.
Bee Prevention at Swimming Pools Phoenix AZ

Bee Prevention at Swimming Pools, Waterfalls, Fountains & Other Water Features

We have developed a proprietary method of keeping bees from most water sources.
Wasp, Hornet Removal Phoenix AZ

Wasp, Hornet & Other Flying-Stinging Insect Removal

Our technicians are well-trained to take care of any wasp, hornet and other flying-stinging insect problem.
One-to Two-Hour Arrival Time AZ

One-to Two-Hour Arrival Time (to most locations)

Our technicians can arrive in as little as 1-2 hours to most locations.
Our Technicians are highly knowledgeable and focused on customer satisfaction; therefore, you can rely on them to solve your bee problem quickly and at a fair price.

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